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About The Center

We Are

a small, community-oriented, non-profit focused on Implementing the Alternative to the established social and economic order. The time has come for people to determine for themselves their relationship to their environment and each other.


Our purpose is to help build and maintain inclusive, stable, economically self-reliant, and socially just communities.  Through education, exploration, experimentation, and communal action, we seek to:

  • foster deeper, more civil relationships among community members
  • promote economic justice
  • promote social justice
  • encourage diversity in social, political, and educational interactions
  • create opportunities in which all members of communities have a voice
  • connect with community-based groups, sharing resources and ideas to bring about the fundamental change necessary for a just society
  • be a resource for community-based solutions to address the issues that keep our communities divided, unjust, and unsustainable.

Our Mission:
Partnering with other like-minded organizations, and working within our communities, we seek to build the foundation for transition to new economic structures and a socially just society through education, exploration, experimentation, and the sharing of resources and ideas.

Our Philosophy:  This is what we believe  We seek a world working and living together for the benefit of all in peace and justice.  We believe that no one individual or group holds all the answers to what makes a civilized society and that all should have a voice in that vision.    We believe there is not one path to peace and justice but many, and all must be equally explored.  We seek to bring communities together in peace and justice through the exploration of alternatives to the existing social and economic order, and the creation of alternative, inclusive social and economic structures that honor diversity, civility, justice, and peace.  We do not seek to transform society but rather to understand the needs of our community and work with our neighbors to implement solutions that address those needs.  


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